Fremen Crysknife and Sheath

Ginton Forge Works presents the most definitive version of the crysknife—a worthy piece for your Dune collection.  This crysknife is a replica of the Fremen blade from the movie Dune, David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the novel of the same title by Frank Herbert. finalproduct.jpg

The crysknife is a blade ground from the single tooth of a giant sandworm and serves as the ritual weapon of a Fremen fighter.  In the Dune movie the crysknife is most prominent when wielded by Paul Muad’Dib (Kyle McLachlan) to duel his arch-nemesis, Feyd-Rautha (Sting) in a knife fight as the film draws to a close.

Paul vs. Feyd
Paul vs. Feyd

The Extended Edition of Dune featured never before seen scenes involving this iconic blade, such as the amtal knife duel between the Fremen Jamis and Paul.  Another notable addendum is the scene between the Shadout Mapes and Jessica, where the crysknife is shown for the first time with an accompanying sheath.

Mapes holding the crysknife sheath
Mapes holding the crysknife sheath

Addressing the dearth of screen-accurate replicas of the Lynch version crysknife, Ginton Forge’s first project was to build a crysknife from scratch–to produce a prop replica faithful to the Lynch movie version.

Other crysknife builds

The master mould was carved from bitukling, locally known as ‘century wood’, a type of soft wood used to work intricate details into pieces, ensuring a tight, film accurate piece. The crysknife’s ornate elements came out brilliantly in the master mould: from the round blisters on the handle down to the uneven ridges along the bolster and heel of the knife, which gives it an organic appearance. Best of all is the defining piece of this set: the crysknife sheath, which has never before been available. The wooden mould of the replica crysknife I'm currently crafting.

As a collector and as a serious Dune fan it is to my personal satisfaction that the crysknife, a cinematic and literary relic that has a universe of lore behind it, has been given only the most exacting of standards in the creation of this replica in Ginton Forge.  I will offer you, my fellow Dune fan, nothing less than what you deserve–the assurance that you’ll fight the Harkonnen with nothing but the best blade out there.

Iterations of the crysknife project. From top: the wooden mould, the resin cast, and the painted version.

The Ginton Forge crysknife and sheath set completes the Lynch version of the crysknife; arguably the best screen rendition of the Fremen weapon. The knife from the Lynch movie sports that raw, spartan look that best represents the hardy, survivalist nature of the Fremen, while the details make the item seem organic, like it really was made out of the fang of an enormous creature.

The crysknife is a tooth of THAT???
No Arrakis sandworms were harmed during the production of this crysknife replica.

Product Details

Each Ginton Forge crysknife and sheath is individually handcrafted from polyester resin treated with ivory tonal values, custom sanded and hand painted with acrylic.  As a result, no two pieces are exactly alike; this is in keeping with the Fremen custom of individualised crysknives.

The product weighs approx. 7 oz (255g) for the crysknife; approx. 2.6oz (75g) for the sheath.  The crysknife measures approx. 12in (30.48cm) in length; sheath is approx 7in (17.78cm).

An initial release of fifteen (15) painted sets is now available for order.  To receive details on how to order, please send an email to or make use of our contact form.